CES 2017’s top home automation systems

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has been a fantastic portal into the future of home automation. A quiet stroll around the floor of the show has scores of IoT boxes, built-in-cameras, artificially intelligent and predictive algorithms, voice activation security monitors and sensors beeping and buzzing at you. It’s thrilling. The energy. The life. The innovation. Nothing short of a technological arms race. So let’s dive straight into it and talk about some of the most interesting home devices that CES 2017 had to offer.

Home automation. Home automation, everywhere!

One study places the smart home as the most popular means of IoT engagement and predicts that 29 million units will be sold in 2017. It’s little wonder that myriad companies are fighting tooth and nail for a piece of the smart home pie. Here are some of the most notable from this year’s CES.

Blaze Automation’s B.One

smart home automation with the B.One hubThis device is described as the world’s first skateboard for your home. Blaze Automation are positioning its B.One hub as the most advanced smart home and security system.

Don’t be fooled: Every company’s taken the liberty of being the “most advanced, most powerful”. We’ve found it to be a bit more relative.

This hub, however, does have an AI that Blaze Automation have called “InstinctAct”. It uses basic machine learning to learn user behavior (like coffee preferences) and adapt accordingly (with milk and two sugars please).