What is the B1 Hub?

In summary B1 Hub is a DIY home automation device. You can use it as a: universal remote controller, home security system, home automation system and as a bridging device to connect your home appliances / lighting / air conditioning. The B1 Hub creates home automation at an affordable price.

B1 Hub or B1 Hub Elite?

If you are new to home automation the B1 Hub is the product you need. If you have an existing home automation system and it uses ZigBee protocol we would recommend the B1 Hub Elite. Please see comparison chart below.

Is there more than 3 products?

Yes there will be more products released in the new year (2017). B1 Hub is  currently focused on the DIY security options.

What does DIY install mean?

The B1 Hub DIY sensors are designed to be simple and easy to configure for everyday people. You do not need an expert.

What is the product warranty?

The B1 Hub and the add ons comes with a standard 12 months manufacturer’s warranty.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Contact us through email or our contact number. Please refer to contact page.

Is the B1 Hub locked to your country?

Yes the B1 Hub is localised to the region. The B1 Hub for Australia and New Zealand has been setup for devices sold in Australia and New Zealand.

Devices that B.ONE Hub syncs with:

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