Pressreader 01/03/2017

B.One Hub

INSTINCTUAL Designed to think for you, the ‘InstinctAct’ artificial intelligence recognises your patterns of living, and makes recommendations about how to make your home more economical, thus saving time and money. APPY TO MEET YOU You’ve cut your remotes down to one, and it’s time to cut your apps to one, too. The B.One Hub app controls lights, security, TV, home theatre and more.

Hang on T3, this looks like a skateboard without wheels… Far from it, but it will make you say “Great Scott!”. This is here is the master key of your home automation system, one that ties together a whole bunch of systems into one, all controlled through an app. Get it set up properly and it’ll save you money by giving you total mastery over your home’s lighting and security, even when you’re on the other side of the world. So how does it do that? The B.One Hub connects to existing smart sensors and devices – such as Belkin’s WeMo, and the Philips Hue – so you can program it to only light up a room when you’re in it, but also monitors your daily patterns to learn when to turn lights on and off.

With the right combination of sensors, it’ll also act as an alarm and send an alert to your smartphone if there’s unusual activity in your house. How hard is it to install? Dead easy. Place it in the middle of your room, and the B.One Hub digitally soaks your sensors with its various frequencies and communication protocols. All you need to do is plug it in, connect it to Wi-Fi and you’re most of the way there. It even has a battery backup and slot for a SIM card if the power goes down or your router throws a fit. Does it just alter the lights? Much more than that. Depending on your hardware it’ll talk to your air-con, coffee machine and home entertainment system. Magic! When can I buy this? The B.One Hub will be on sale this autumn.