B.One Eazy – Smart Home Controller


B.one Eazy is a smart universal remote controller with onboard sensors. It gives you complete control over your home’s entertainment and smart devices. Eazy works with 200,000+ devices and is built to simplify multi-device control experience by using its award-winning patent pending “Actions Framework. Eazy makes life easier.

Product specifications:

  • Supports:  Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz), IR Receiver and 7 IR Blasters providing 360-degree coverage up to 10-meter radius.
  • Built-In Temperature and Illuminance sensors
  • Military standard 256-bit AES encryption with advanced built-in firewalls for enhanced security
  • Dedicated chipsets making it the fastest home automation hub available on the market, and enhanced user experience
  • Wi-Fi to an infrared converter for universal remote control
  • B.One Eazy has a built-in Media Manager to connect to wireless speakers, e.g. Sonos
  • The Self- Learning feature using proprietary algorithms makes B.One Eazy unique.