Technical Fact Sheet

Wireless All-in-one Smart Hub

B.One Hub is many notches ahead of all other home automation systems in the market today. It does much more than merely turn things on and off in your home- it connects the devices in your home wirelessly and gets them talking to each other. You simply use the B.One app on your smart phone to wirelessly control your home from anywhere in the world.

InstinctAct™-proprietary algorithims

The B.One logic engine runs on proprietary algorithms, which learn from user behaviour and get smarter with use. Using Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Hub anticipates, predicts and sends notifications for key activities or events for enhanced security and efficiency.

The Fastest IoT Hub

Dedicated chipsets make it the fastest home automation hub available in the market, with enhanced user experience.

Voice Enabled

B.One offers a voice control system that allows you to speak to your home. In turn, the devices in your home (all connected to the B.One Hub), respond and act to your commands. To accomplish this, we leverage the power of Amazon Echo along with our own voice2act platform. Now you can use your voice to send commands to your house- to switch on lights, or play your favourite music… and it will all be done remotely!

Universal Hub

B.One Hub is your one-stop destination that allows you to consolidate the control of the various remote controls in your home. All your devices can be connected to B.One Hub, which in turn connects your smart phone. You have the control of all your devices at home at your fingertips, using your smartphone.

Media manager

B1’s media manager makes use of all its sensors and IR capabilities, to give control over all your media devices seamlessly and effortlessly with one single interface.

Built for Security

B.One has military standard 256-bit AES encryption with advanced built-in firewalls for enhanced security.

Future Ready

Future ready framework that supports C- Bus, Profibus, Dali, Lonworks, KNX and more.

Extra Level of Protection

An extra level of protection is provided through GSM or GPRS modules, with 24 hour battery backup and a sim card for uninterrupted internet connectivity.

Protocols Supported

• Wi-Fi (2.4 Ghz)
• BlueTooth
• Z-Wave
• ZigBee
• IR Receiver & IR Blasters
• *SYNCS WITH TM thousands of other products available in the market

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