Tech News 20/June/2009

The Internet of Things (translated from Chinese)


B.One Smart Hub wisdom console Smart Hub_002

Although the appearance of the design, such as skateboarding in general, but B.One Smart Hub can actually be used as smart home appliances brain headquarters, its implied ability beyond imagination, can support Philips, SONOS, Nest and many other brands of smart appliances, the B .One control equipment can not only replace the remote control, connect the various devices, but also has Qi wireless charging function. Smart Hub_001

In terms of security, B.One Smart Hub built-in firewall, and all devices connected to AES Advanced Encryption; In addition, if the sudden sudden power failure, B.One Smart Hub will automatically switch to battery power mode, and the network The road automatically switches from Wifi to the mobile network, allowing users to receive the latest information when they are powered down.

It is worth mentioning that Smart Hub can use the unique “learning algorithm” to predict the behavior of users, and through the user preferences, habits of understanding, so that home equipment more automatic and more intelligent.



MOVE curtain / blind remote control device



Even curtains or blinds can remote control? You are not wrong, “MOVE” is designed for lazy people launched the Bluetooth remote control device, simple design, easy installation, the device has a solar panel, during the day when the solar energy can be converted into electricity, stored in the battery, the rope fixed After the MOVE internal gear shaft, attached to the wall, without additional plug-in, everyone at home can use the remote application remote mobile phone movements, so that the curtains are also included in the smart home system.