Top 20 Best Home Automation Ideas For 2021

The smart home industry is constantly progressing, and more families are installing home automation systems in Australia. En-Kontrol is committed to bringing you more ways to automate your home and bring it into the 21st century.

Smart Home Australia

Home automation systems encompass a wide variety of applications. You can set up your lights to automatically turn on when it gets dark, check who’s at your door from your phone, or even ask your TV to turn on with just your voice. For home automation systems in Australia, the possibilities are endless and can be overwhelming. The rate at which the technology is improving and changing is quite dramatic. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of the 20 best home automation ideas for 2021, split up into six main types of home automation components. 

Smart Lighting

Smart lights are a great way to break into smart home technology. With smart lights, you can set your lights up so that they turn on or off within a specified schedule or based on your location (as tracked through your phone). Some smart lights even have options to emit light in different colours, allowing you more possibilities for mood-setting around the house. Plus, when you combine smart lighting with other home automation systems, you open the door to even more advanced automation possibilities. Here are a few of our favourite ideas for smart lighting:

  1. Set up your lights to gradually get dimmer as you get closer to bedtime to help you wind down for the night.
  2. Have all your lights turn off once everyone leaves the house.
  3. Make some lights turn on (like the lights near your front door or entryway) when you arrive home at the end of the day.
  4. Use a slowly brightening light to wake up in the morning instead of a jarring alarm.
  5. Make your lights randomly turn on and off when you are away on holiday to make it appear as if you are still home.

Smart Plugs

With smart plugs, you can use them to turn your regular devices into smart devices. They are another easy and relatively low-cost way to start home automation systems. You can use smart plugs to connect a regular lamp, coffee maker, Christmas tree, or any other electronic devices to the internet. Here are some ideas for using smart plugs around your home:

  1. Create smart lamps anywhere in your house using voice commands or by creating schedules. Try setting up your lamps to turn on at a specific time to act as an alarm, or make sure all lamps in your house turn off when you leave home.
  2. Create a schedule to turn off power-hungry appliances when not in use or when you leave the house.

Smart Music

No one likes tinny speakers. For many homes with music enthusiasts, high-quality audio to every room is a must. With these smart music ideas, you can unwind to your favourite music in any room of the house or turn your smart home into an entertaining paradise with just a simple command in your home automation systems:

  1. Use voice commands to request music, podcasts, or audiobooks in every room, allowing you to listen uninterrupted as you move from room to room. 
  2. Compartmentalise the home and allow different rooms to enjoy different music at the same time. Perfect for families who each want to listen to something different. 
  3. Set music alarms or prompts throughout the day to automate your routine. 
  4. Start your day off by playing your favourite radio station or playlist when you enter the bathroom every morning to get ready.

Home Security

 Home automation systems can also help you bring extra security with your home with a few simple commands, giving you extra peace of mind to you and your family when you’re at home or when you’re away. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Smart security cameras are available to allow you to view your home remotely through your phone. Keep an eye on your house when you’re away, and be notified when the security camera detects any movement.
  2. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors will alert your phone when they detect anything. This is especially useful when compared to standard dumb detectors because you will still be notified even if you are not home.

Smart Doors

Smart locks on the front door are a great way to improve your life using home automation systems. Some smart locks can automatically unlock when you arrive home or track who has opened your door and when they’ve opened it.

  1. Create specific codes for different members of your family and friends. Then, you can set up a phone notification when specific people arrive home.
  2. Give time-limited access to babysitters, cleaners, or anyone else that only works at your home during certain parts of the day.
  3. Set your door to lock after a set amount of time has passed automatically. With most smart locks, you can pick intervals between 30 seconds and one hour after you’ve left the house.


You can set up door and window sensors and combine them with another smart home device. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Receive email or text alerts if motion detectors are set off in or around your home.
  2. Save money on lighting costs by having motion sensors shut lights off after a certain number of minutes.
  3. Set the front door to send an alert when it is left open.
  4. Use smart light strips as accents lights that trigger with a motion sensor. Light strips are less harsh on the eyes during a midnight trip to the bathroom than a ceiling light.

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