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Are you searching for a quality home theatre system design and installation to bring your home to life? Welcome to En-Kontrol for a complete solution available by a team of qualified electricians and installers. 

We know how to provide ultimate pleasure to our customers by creating a cinematic experience at home. Here, you can enjoy the pleasure of watching your favourite movie on a big screen with incredible sound quality. 

Hence, whether you want a next-generation home theatre system or planning to upgrade the existing one, you can count on us for your latest in-home entertainment solutions. 

We supply, custom design, and install theatre systems across Sydney. Our systems are popular for having the latest technologies and innovation. 

Home Theatre Installation In Sydney

At En-Kontrol, how expert team understands the importance of a well-designed home cinema system. It can outperform commercial cinemas, especially in sound quality, picture quality, and sheer comfort.

Although a dedicated room for a home theatre system signifies an ultimate luxury, many customers still want it to fit in their everyday living space. Therefore, our technicians are proficient in integrating other components like screens and speakers based on your specifications. 

We aim at providing each of our customers with the best innovative audio-visual solution possible that ensures optimal graphics and sound, adding a wow factor to the visual appeal.  

We can install all product types and brands – ranging from luxury automated systems to simple television wall mounting. In addition, we use our experience and knowledge to integrate the old system with the latest one to ensure smooth performance. 

Our technicians are experienced enough to work with the most popular brands, ensuring your home theatre an outstanding feature complementing the aesthetics of your room. You can operate your system through a single remote control or use your smartphone to control the function. 

Custom Home Theatre

We also custom design home theatre systems based on your specifications and needs. The En-Kontrol team can assist you with custom advice to build the system you expect from us. Our expert will work with you to understand your lifestyle and desired outcome to provide you with the system that offers you the best value without any technical jargon. 

If you want to educate yourself on the latest technology or want details about the working of your system, our passionate expert will more than happy to help you with all the information you need.

A high-performance, quality home cinema is more than just selecting quality components. Some features that our specialist considers while customising your room theatre are:

  • Construction of your room
  • Ambient light and noise control
  • Seating arrangements and configuration
  • Room light or blinds control
  • Spacing and acoustical properties
  • Speaker and system placement

If you want to know about home theatre deals based on energy-saving home automation technology or like to buy a package consisting of high-quality, user-friendly brand components, then visit us online. Our packs can suit any room size and budget.

Entertainment Solutions With Our B.One Hub

At En-Kontrol, we know that electronics play a crucial role in your daily life. Home automation is the gift of advanced technology that has enabled us to control our devices and communicate with ease. You will feel comfortable and relaxed in operating and watching your blockbuster or a sport in front of your home cinema screen without moving from your place either with a wireless controller or with a click of a button.

Moreover, we can provide you with the latest technology to enjoy and control music throughout the house. We offer a turnkey approach to transform your home into a comfortable space with easy solutions. 

You can monitor your remote-controlled devices, including your home theatre system – old and new through our affordable, powerful smart universal remote controller B.One Easy. You will have to link your equipment through B. One Hub and control it from your smartphone.

Our B.One Hub home automation system will help you in monitoring and controlling the power consumption of your home cinema equipment. It enables you to enjoy your system in a cost-efficient way.

Why Choose En-Kontrol?

En-Kontrol has gained immense popularity among its commercial and residential clients because of its quality, keen eye for detail, innovative approach, and precise execution. We house a team of professionally trained and skilled experts who has a high-tech solution for all your smart home and office needs. 

We provide smart home automation technology to make your life easy and comfortable. Our cost-effective home automation system creates a smart solution where you can monitor and control your home attributes, including climate, lighting, sound, home security, entertainment systems, and many other appliances through a central hub – B.One. 

We have been offering numerous homes and businesses of Sydney improved comfort, convenience, and energy-efficient technology with exceptional functionality. As a prominent name for modern home automation products, En-Kontrol offers smart solutions for operating your electrical and electronic devices with one interface while saving energy bills. 

Our easy-to-use interface provides high functionality, flexibility, and convenience to all homeowners. It enriches your lifestyle while complementing the value of your property.

We know there can hardly be anything that beats the convenience and comfort of monitoring and controlling your home attributes from a remote location. Therefore, we focus on offering all our customers the comfort and ease of operating user-friendly remote functionalities.

Some of the specialties that have given us numerous satisfied customers to our credit and make us outstand others are:

  • We are built on trust, rich history, and experience.
  • Innovation and expertise are at the core of our business traits.
  • We invest in and embrace the technology that outperforms.
  • We are a team of trained and certified professionals.
  • Our commitment to excellence forms the backbone of our products and services. 

Call Us To Discuss Your Requirement

Whether it’s a customised home theatre system or any other home automation solution, call us on 1800 180 810 for a detailed discussion. You can also fill our online form for any commercial or retail enquiries. 


Can you please suggest which home theatre system will be best for me? 

The choice of the system differs from customer to customer. It depends on your budget, the type of components you want and the area of your room. Our expert will connect with you to know your preference and specifications and customise a system to fit your lifestyle. 

How your expert designs a home theatre system?

Our home theatre designs involve installing a system that fits the size and layout of your room with quality components. The components or equipment help us offer you the optimal audio and visual experience you expect within your budget. Equipment may include surround sound, a TV, projector with screen, input devices and many more.    

How much do you charge for a home theatre installation?

Our charges for a home theatre installation vary depending on many factors. The major cost depends on your preference of outlaying on the equipment. You can outlay on speakers, Bluetooth audio, projector, receiver, automation systems, and many other connected devices. The amount of work required to integrate various elements and automation technology determine the cost of the project.

How long do you take to install a home cinema system?

There can’t be a fixed installation time because every project is different and requires a different installation time. Generally, our installation time varies from 2 hours to 3 days depending on the task size. When you book with us, our expert will estimate the exact time required to complete your project after asking about the job details and your specifications.

Is it possible to hide home theatre cables or cords to enjoy a wire-free experience?

Hiding home theatre cables or cords is a challenging job. En-Kontrol experts will inspect your space to search the place where they can easily hide the wires. We can also use cable covers to hide them. However, if you want to have a seamless wire-free home cinema experience, we will have to depend on the walls your space has and make the cables run through the wall cavity. 

If you want us to install ceiling-mounted speakers, we can hide the wires in the ceiling.  The other suitable option can be a wireless speaker with no cables or wires to worry about.

What is home automation?

Home Automation takes your smart home system a step further to make your life more convenient. It saves your money spend on cooling and heating energy. It allows the automatic control of electrical and electronic devices in your home by connecting them to the internet. 

The home automation technology allows the devices to trigger one another, and you will not have to operate them manually but via an app. For example, you can put your home’s lights on a schedule, and they will automatically turn off when you go to bed. This technology also ensures the safety of your property with internet-friendly devices like security cameras, alarm systems, and many more. 

Our B.One Hub is easy to configure and use as it uses advanced technology for its sensors. It allows you to control and monitor the energy output of your smart home, making your property more energy-efficient. It will offer a great saving in energy bills.