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Advanced Intercom Systems For Homes And Businesses

Permitting people to your property environment only after validating their identity means a lot to your and your family’s or people’s safety.

En-Kontrol offers an excellent range of intercom systems for homes and businesses to ensure extra safety and privacy for their spaces. We supply comprehensive intercom systems of the trusted names of the industry that give better vision and visitor control with seamless performance.

Wireless And Wired Intercom Systems

Whether you want a home intercom system or business intercom solution, you have the option to choose wireless or wired intercoms. Based on your property conditions, you may want the visitor control system should be a wired or wireless solution.

While hardwired intercom systems can be your choice if you want them to be built into your property’s construction for greater reliability, wireless solutions are cost-effective and have simple installation procedures.

If you are confused to choose the right system, talk to our security system experts.

Designed For Modern Security Needs

We supply commercial and residential intercom systems that are designed to safeguard property environments and people from modern-day threats and security challenges. All our intercom systems feature two-way audio and video and visitor video message options to know the visitor intent before deciding to let them indoor.  You can seamlessly connect the intercom system with Wi-Fi and control them through your voice assistants. 

This allows you to access your intercom system from your smart devices. By integrating with the cloud, you can access and review footage from anywhere, any time. Additionally, you can integrate the intercom systems with your access control systems as part of the door security system of your home or property.

This way, you can set your door station to access people through a number of methods, including PIN code entry through keypad, fingerprint reader, RFID card reader, facial recognition, and more.

Customised To Your World

We have an excellent range of intercom systems that allow you to choose the right system based on the functionality and additional features. Most of our intercom systems come with LCD screens for real-time monitoring from your living room or office room. You can also choose intercom systems with a touchscreen if you want better control of your device from the screen.

The group calling function allows you to connect with every station in the network and broadcast your message to everyone simultaneously. Whether you want to announce your employees in your office or call everyone for dinner at home, the feature simplifies your job. 

We offer wireless intercom systems with an extended network range for large commercial spaces and apartments. While most wireless intercoms give 100-300 meters of coverage, we can customise and provide a range of up to 1,500 meters. 

Additionally, our intercom systems come with special noise cancellation features to make the communication seamless. If you want an intercom system for a noisy commercial or business space, the feature can filter the background noise and give you a pleasant experience. 

Competitively Priced Solutions

While offering advanced intercom systems with excellent customisation, we also pay attention to our customer’s high-value service. We make this possible by offering intercom systems at highly competitive rates. Furthermore, as a wholesaler of security and intercom systems, we source the products of the leading brands and offer them to our customers with comprehensive installation and maintenance. 

This way, we ensure that our customers get advanced intercom systems with a high-value service. We also guarantee you a professional, complete service experience regardless of the type of service you want. 

Complete Installation And Maintenance

En-Kontrol takes care of the complete installation of the intercom systems at your property. Our experts can help you choose the best fitting intercom system with the right features for your world. They can identify the locations for the master station and other intercom stations based on your functional needs.

While most residential properties require one or two outdoor indoor intercom stations and a few indoor stations, commercial spaces may require more indoor and outdoor stations. If you choose hardwired intercoms, our technicians can complete the installation with minimal fuss. 

Regardless of the type of intercom system or service you choose, we will ensure a complete installation service. Additionally, we can provide regular maintenance for the intercom systems for reliable, lasting performance.

We also offer prioritised intercom repair services to ensure optimal safety and security for your space. Contact us today if you have any questions on intercom system installation and repair, and get expert guidance from our technicians. 

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What is the best intercom system for the home?

The surveillance needs for various residential properties are different. Choosing an intercom system that best meets your property’s security and other functional requirements can serve your needs the best way. 

You have the option to choose a hardwired intercom or wireless intercom based on your current property condition and personal preferences. Similarly, you may want additional functionalities and make the intercom system part of the access control to your premises. A customised intercom system can best serve your needs. And our experts can help you choose the right system for your space. Contact us today for personalised, expert guidance.

How much does an intercom cost?

The cost of an intercom system is based on a number of factors, including the number of intercom stations you want, additional features, the brand, and more. Also, if you want an intercom system for a commercial or office space, you would also prefer to connect it with your access control system.

In most cases, you can expect the cost of an intercom $1,000 – $6,000. Additionally, you may want to pay installation and service fees based on the type of intercom you choose. 

What is the best security system in Australia?

Though several security systems and options are available on the market, customised solutions to your specific safety challenges and property environments can give you optimal safety. An intercom system can help you validate your visitors before allowing them indoors.

Especially a two-way video intercom system with Wi-Fi access can help you monitor your visitors from anywhere. If you want to choose a more comprehensive security system with surveillance cameras, window/door sensors, alarm systems, motion sensors, and more, explore our packages to see what can be ideal for your world. 

What is a home intercom system?

Home intercoms are systems designed for two primary purposes. They allow you to validate and permit your visitors by keeping your and your family’s safety as the priority. With home intercom systems, you can also communicate with your family members in other rooms. You can also use intercoms to monitor children or sick patients in their rooms.

Today, most intercom systems available on the market are wireless, making the installation hassle-free. They also come with additional features, including playing music, connecting with your access control system, and more.

Can I use my phone as an intercom?

If you want intercom systems for communicating with your family members in different rooms, several walkie-talkie applications in iOS and Android can help you. Applications like Zello allow you to create a group and add your family members to talk to each other using the microphone. 

If you choose an advanced intercom system with two-way audio and video for your property, you can connect it with your phone to monitor guests. You can also control the operations of your intercom from your phone.

Why is the intercom so expensive?

Intercoms are complete systems that help you to monitor people who are at your doorstep or gate. Modern intercoms come with two-way audio and video options that allow you to communicate with the visitor from your living room or bedroom. Most intercoms available on the market have several additional features to give worth for spending on them.

At En-Kontrol, we stock the intercoms of the leading brands and offer them to our customers with installation and maintenance services. Explore our range of intercom systems to see the products that fit your security requirements and budget.