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Wireless Alarm System

Wireless alarm systems are the need of the hour. Alarm systems in the past were hardwired and easy for burglars to disarm. However, as technology advanced, fully wireless alarm systems were introduced, and today most homes rely on this technology for their safety and security. 

Wireless alarm systems offer many benefits, one of them being easy installation. Since the setup is entirely wireless, there’s no need to open up walls or fix wires with tapes. Another great advantage of having wireless alarm systems is their compatibility with smart hubs. Imagine how convenient life can get if you could set up an alarm or disable it using your smartphone. 

En-Kontrol is a leading home alarm system provider in Sydney. We have a range of products that can secure your home and your loved ones. Our monitoring and security solutions are technologically advanced and have some of the best features, and are the ideal way to keep your valuables safe. 

Products We Offer

At En-Kontrol, we stock security products by leading brands like B.One and Fibaro. If you are looking for a digital watchdog for your home, you can choose from the following products:

1. Wireless Siren

Wireless siren and strobe lights by B.One activates during a security breach. For example, it alerts the homeowner and neighbourhood in case of a burglary. The unit is installed on the house’s exterior, so the siren is loud enough for the neighbours to hear, and the lights are easy to spot by the authorities. This system requires simple DIY installation. 

2. Wireless Door Open/Close Sensors

Such products send alerts to your smartphone if your doors or windows are opened when you are away from your property. In addition, we stock motions sensors by brands like B.One and Fibaro. Products offered by both these brands require no professional help for setup. 

3. Motion Sensor

B.One’s motion sensors detect activities in your property to keep them safe at all times. Using the advanced ultra-low power infrared motion sensor technology, this product precisely detects human activities and helps in reducing false alarms. Installation of motion sensors can be done with simple DIY tips.

Why We Are The Best Smart Alarm System Provider?

En-Kontrol believes in offering smart home technology products that are convenient to install and use. Moreover, since these products are designed to simplify life, their installation too should be uncomplicated. Therefore, we offer products that can be easily installed without the need for expert interference. 

Most wireless home alarm systems for sale in the market are expensive. However, the safety solutions we offer for your property are available at affordable prices. With our inexpensive safety products, you can create a smart home without spending too much of your hard-earned money. 

We know that the requirement of each home if different. This is why we encourage you to speak to us regarding your home safety needs to suggest the most appropriate products for you. 

Having an alarm system that is easy to control with a remote is bliss. Therefore, when you undertake an alarm installation, we encourage you to install other systems that will allow you to operate your security system using a single device – like your smartphone or tablet or remote control. 

Why Installing A 24 Hour Monitored Alarm System Is Beneficial For Your Sydney Property

Installation of home alarm system is important to:

Deter Criminal Activity

If there’s an alarm system set up in the exterior of your home, the chances of criminals entering it are rare. No burglar would want to get caught by activating sirens and lights that would awaken the neighbourhood. By installing alarm systems on your property, you reduce the chances of criminals entering your property. 

Protect Your Valuables

Alarm systems are designed with a motive to keep your home and valuables safe. For example, if burglars enter your property and the alarms get activated, they will likely run away instead of entering your property. 

Reduce Stress

Alarm systems assure the safety of your loved ones and your property. When you know the digital watchdog guards your home at all times, you are likely to stress and worry less about the security of your valuables. 

Contact Us To Know More About Our Products

Want to install the best alarm system on your property? Not sure about which product to choose? Contact us, and we will suggest the best product as per your requirements. You can call us on 0414 149 616 or fill in our contact form, and we will get back to you shortly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best wireless alarm system on the market?

Many wireless alarm systems are available in the market, claiming to offer excellent safety to your property. However, an alarm system that instantly warns you about a security breach is the one you must trust the most. B.One Hub’s wireless siren and strobe lights is a technologically advanced product that you can rely upon in today’s time. This product sets the alarm and activates lights in case of an intrusion. Thus, informing the property owner and the neighbourhood about an emergency. It functions as a digital watchdog, offering you complete peace of mind. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fit A House Alarm?

The cost of a home alarm system isn’t fixed. Its price depends on several factors like the type and size of the system you choose, the technology it uses, the brand, etc. Installing a house alarm can cost you anything in between $300 to $4,000.

What is the best DIY home alarm system?

Most home alarm systems available in the market can be installed without professional help. The B.One’s wireless siren and strobe lights require a simple DIY installation and are among the best alarm systems available at affordable prices. Since this product can be installed conveniently, it saves any installation charges. 

Are wireless house alarms any good?

As technology advanced, wireless alarm systems replaced hardwired systems. Wireless alarms offer excellent reliability and convenience in installation and operation. It is easy to set up wireless home alarm systems on your own without the help of an expert. Also, as wireless systems cut the clutter of wires, they can be easily installed in any property corner.

Do wireless alarms need wifi?

All wireless alarm systems function on your home internet. It is essential to know that any interruption with your home internet network can impact the performance of your security system. However, some modern products switch to the cellular network in case of disruption with the home internet to ensure your system keeps running efficiently at all times. It is recommended to enquire about this feature before you invest in a security system. If you want your security system to run perfectly always, buy a product that switches from home internet to cellular network in case of interruptions. 

What happens when a wireless alarm system detects intrusion?

Wireless alarm systems are designed to set the alarm when they detect intrusion. The moment the system senses an unauthorised entry, they alert the property owner and the neighbourhood about it by activating a loud siren. Some systems also start flashlights, making it easy for the authorities to spot your property. Wireless alarm systems have been known to be the best products in averting burglary and property damage. They are a reliable way to protect your loved ones as well as your property.