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Wireless Security Systems

Protecting your space from any unauthorised invasion attempts is important for your and your family’s or workforce’s safety. Today, technology gives you smarter options to safeguard your space and what you love most.

En-Kontrol has an excellent range of home automation and wireless security systems to protect your spaces while simplifying your day-to-day life. The security requirements for each property are different. We analyse the unique aspects and safety risks of different spaces and provide a range of customised solutions.   

Secure Property With The Technology Edge

Getting timely knowledge of any breach attempts to your space can greatly minimise the impacts of the incident. Our systems are designed to alert you on time and help you safeguard your space the best possible way.

Our range of wireless security systems for home, office and commercial areas are the following:

Motion Sensors

You can choose B.One and Fibaro motion sensors to help you detect any breaching or unauthorised activity at your property, allowing you to ensure the safety of your space. The B.One sensors feature advanced ultra-low power infrared motion-sensing technology to identify human movements accurately. The technology also greatly reduces the issues of false alarms. 

The technology of Fibaro senses motion, light, and temperature. Additionally, the sensor comes with an accelerometer to detect any location change or attempts to open the sensor casing. Therefore, you will get an instant notification to your smartphone if there is unauthorised access, location change, or attempt to tamper with the casing.

Door/Window Sensors

En-Kontrol offers door/window sensors of Fibaro and B.One to optimise property security. These compact sensors allow you to monitor your doors and windows from your smartphone. The Fibaro sensor combines four features: contact sensor, tamper protection, integrated into your security system, and temperature sensor. You can install these sensors on roof windows and safety gates to monitor actions. 

The B.One sensor detects every close and open attempt of your door or window and reports to the Z-Wave Controller or Gateway. The sensor has a simple installation procedure, and it alerts any changes in the functional state of the sensor, including low battery, to the Controller. 

B.One Wireless Siren

The siren is smartly designed to alert the inhabitants of the property and neighbourhood if it identifies a safety concern or security breach. Additionally, the siren can work as an extra speaker for other sensors of your property to notify you if there is a need. 

Security Cameras

A range of AI engineered security cameras can give 24/7 wireless surveillance of your property and surroundings. The cameras detect motion, perform complex image analysis, and make facial recognition. Your Hub system will give you real-time notifications whenever you are away from the property.

B.One Hub and Hub Elite

The smart home control systems help you integrate various security cameras, sensors, and sirens and allow you to control them through a single app. The Edge Computing IoT platform helps you monitor and control security aspects of your space and the ambience, energy, and entertainment of the environment.

It creates a digital, AI-based ecosystem that combines security and convenience for your own personal space. 

Fibaro Home Centre

It is an integrated control system or hub for properties to ensure safety and manage lighting, energy, and entertainment. The advanced system can control your sensors, devices, cameras, alarms, and other electronic equipment without an internet connection. 

With a functional app, the hub allows you to manage your home at your fingertips. The home automation system permits the devices in the network to communicate with each other and give you next-level security and comfort.

Create Your Personalised, Secure World

En-Kontrol helps people to create a personalised world based on their expectations in terms of safety and comfort. Our technicians can give you advice and recommendations based on your property conditions, the neighbourhood, and the level of security you want. 

We assess every risk element of your space and create a spotless environment at your property with our customised solutions. Our technicians carry several years of experience designing wireless safety systems, installing and providing regular maintenance for a vast range of properties. 

You can browse our packages section to choose the right solution for your space to keep it secure and comfortable. It helps you navigate through various options and choose the right package for your space. If you have specific questions or want more customisation, feel free to talk to our wireless security experts. 

No matter you want a security system for your commercial, residential, or industrial space, our experts will incorporate the right elements – both hardware and software – for the optimal safety of your space.

Competitively Priced Solutions

We guarantee you optimal security for your property with comprehensive wireless security systems at the best price. At En-Kontrol, we stock high-quality and most advanced security devices and systems of the leading brands and offer them to our customers with comprehensive installation and maintenance service. 

This allows us to choose the security solutions at wholesale prices and offer comprehensive property security packages at affordable prices. Feel free to talk to our security systems experts to let us know your property security needs and get solutions as well as the prices.

Consult With Our Experts Today

Call us on 1800 180 810 or use our contact form if you have any questions or want assistance to choose the right solution for your space. 


What is the best wireless security system to buy?

A one-size-fits-all solution may not give you the optimal safety, considering your property type and the level of safety required. At En-Kontrol, we offer customised wireless security systems after analysing the safety and security issues of our customers’ spaces. 

An individualised solution improves the safety of your space and makes your life a lot easier. We have packages for various types of properties based on the level of security our customers want. Browse our packages to see what ideally can match your property requirements. 

How do I secure my Wi-Fi?

You can secure your Wi-Fi from unauthorised access through a number of steps:

  • Change the default name (SSID) of your Wi-Fi
  • Make the Wi-Fi password unique, long – minimum 20 characters – and strong with letters, numbers, and special characters 
  • Enable the network encryption
  • Turn off the network name broadcasting option
  • Ensure your router’s software is up to date
  • Turn on the firewall of your router. If your router has no pre-installed firewall, download a good firewall and turn it on.

From time to time, you can manually check the connected devices to your network to identify any unauthorised access or attack attempts.

What is a good inexpensive wireless security camera system?

En-Kontrol offers an excellent range of wireless security camera systems from various manufactures. In addition, you can choose AI-based camera systems that feature image analysis, facial recognition, night vision, and motion detection.

We also offer security cameras with additional features such as two-way audio, zoom, and extended viewing angle. Browse our range of indoor and outdoor security cameras that fit your pockets. If you have more questions or want assistance, contact our expert technicians for guidance and technical advice.

Are wireless surveillance cameras any good?

They are your extra eyes whether you are at the property or away. The wireless surveillance cameras help you instantly identify any unauthorised entry attempts and safeguard your space and the things you love the most. En-Kontrol offers an excellent range of AI-based security cameras with features like image analysis, motion detection, and facial recognition.

We also have a range of cameras that work without Wi-Fi, allowing the wireless surveillance spotless and ensuring the best protection for your space.

What is the best security system for a small business?

It is always a great choice for a business space to consider comprehensive security systems that address every safety and security aspect of it. For example, you can choose packages with door/window sensors, wireless sirens, motion sensors, security cameras, home centres/controllers, and more. 

Importantly, customised security systems after analysing the security aspects of a property can give you the best protection. The experts of En-Kontrol can help you choose the right system for your space based on your specific requirements. We also encourage you to explore our packages to see how various solutions can improve the safety level of your space. 

Do wireless security systems need Wi-Fi?

Most wireless security systems are designed to work and control over the internet and usually connected over Wi-Fi. Today, there are advanced security systems that can still work without an internet connection or Wi-Fi access. For instance, Fibaro Home Centre works locally using Z-wave, without internet or Wi-Fi.

It is an added functionality to manage specific situations such as internet outages or Wi-Fi connectivity issues.